Velvet Acid Christ and Mindless Faith to continue Fly in show Tour over the next year. 2016

November 22nd, 2015 by Hexfix93


I have had to make some changes to the VAC live show. Financial decisions and personnel moves. Krztov saved my ass in 2015, when my lived band, my x gf and i split, and a drummer i was working with could not meet deadlines. I had booked a bunch of shows up to a year in advance and was trying to get a band together for 2015. It failed, and as a result Krztov stepped in and allowed us to do the two dudes and laptops VAC show. We would often combine with other bands when we could, Ego likeness and Mindless Faith would come in and play drums and guitars and guest vocals to help fill up the stage. Some shows though like terminus we could not put a band together. I toured with Todd of twilight garden, and had 2 dudes and korg kronos show with lights. Still not that exciting because no band on stage. The point is, VAC always needed a band. A hyper band that can bring the energy and showmanship.

VAC has been a revolving door of members over the years. I have always been at the center doing 80% of it all. I am too anti social to go out in the scene and find people to work with, i used to try this to no avail. It has always been a struggle to get a live band and do any kind of tour. There is not a lot of money in it for underground artists. So finding dedicated people who can work for cheap is really difficult. Especially ones you have chemistry with. Money is always hard.

I have great chemistry with Mindcage Rick (being drunk with him on a cruise for 7 days LOL), and also Jason Durant. So we decided to team up and play in each other’s bands to be able to keep expenses at bay. I love mindless faith, and They love VAC. Our remix history was very successful. I think we put on a great show together. This will be the core, we might have other bands on the bill at times. For Austin and Seattle/Portland we have The Siren Project.

Here is the great news. You will see cool lights that are sync’d to the show. Backing Video. Live Guitars, Live drum pad, Live Keys, a much Higher Energy show. Mindless Faith Rocks, and we are Very progressive industrial. Its a great combo.

For the rest of 2016 Mindless Faith and VAC will be trying to book shows on weekends in Chicago, LA, San Diego, Vegas, Atlanta, Minnesota, Columbus, Ann Arbor, Delaware, Lancaster Ny, NY, Boston, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Oakland, Sacramento, Miami, , New Orleans. I don’t know if we will book all these places, but this is my goal.


I Hope to work with Krztov in the future, but for now I must go out with Mindless Faith. Thank you Chris for all the hard work this last year.

Ok gear talk.

After buying every drum pad on the market and testing it. The Yahmaha dtx multi 12 wins by a landslide, drum pads or ok not great like spd30 but better than the spd sx, built in sounds are light years ahead of the roland gear, plus its a sampler. The roland spd sx expensive with tiny drum pads and not a lot of sounds built in, spd30 not a lot of drum sounds no samples, and a bunch of stupid sounds i would never use. So the yahmaha wins out big.

We are phasing out our laptops on stage. The synth stations will be a Roland Sh32 for pads, strings, bass leads, arps. And a Access Virus C for pads, strings bass, arps. I picked the C over the TI i got it for 650, and the sh32 for like 320. These both do the job we need. Rick has his 7 string and his pod fx pedal, and We will have the Yahmaha drum pad on stage. So a big improvement i think, and we can still manage this with out a tour van. I will ship my lights ahead of time as well. I had to sell the prophet 6 and all my other gear to afford the new setup. The Virus C out bass’d the prophet 6 and i was like, WTF. Prophet 6 is amazing but not 2800 amazing. I also figured out how to eliminate some of the aliasing on the virus, i notice it puts some of it in the low feqs, so i use the eq to filter it out internally and now i can play higher notes with out it sounding strange. Very happy now.

PS: Thank you Zach Bauer @ GC arvada for hooking me up and letting me try out all the gear..

But here are our next Live Show Events:

DC dec 3rd @ The Black Cat

Austin TX on Dec 5 @ Elysium

Seattle Jan 16 @ El Corazon

Portland Jan 17 @ Star Theater

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Synth Hardware 2015 My year in technology

November 5th, 2015 by Hexfix93


I generally buy and sell gear all the time, because i like new sounds and new stuff to play with, it keeps me interested in making new songs. Without this, i get bored easy. My opinions shift all the time.

Any how, we used the jp08 live on a song in Denver to test it out. It was mid range and kinda meh. Did not have the brilliance of a real jupiter 08. The show that I say that impressed me the most in 2015 when it came to sound by far was Ivardensphere. The bass, the synth sounds. And he had an Elektron something or other on stage, i think it was analog. But this is what left the best impression on me. Don’t get me wrong, i love my laptops and i will always have them live because i play choir patches and samples live. Its the best for that, but for synth sounds, my strings can be VST no prb, but bass, and lead lines, i need analog. Was thinking about bringing the pulse 2 and an elektron 4 voice out on the road. they are small and portable. Going to buy the Roland spd-sx and have Jason Durant bang on that during our shows in the future. I think i am moving Alex of Siren Project to keys.. Rick will be on guitars.


Roland Boutique suffers from not being 96khz internal engine, the Roland vst promars, sh2, sh101 sounds Vastly better than these things. It sucks because if the boutique had better DAC and internal processing like the plugins do, WOW they would of been amazing and the price would of been way higher. Its a miss for me. In the end, they sounded like dull flat 2d versions of the old, but with out the presence and brilliance in the sound of the old units, esp when you push the resonance.


The prophet 6 blows me away. And i want to sell it cause i cant afford it, instead i am selling everything else. I am remaking dial 8 with it, I am doing some weird live mixes of tracks for the live shows in 2016. I still have to go through all he presets in the prophet 06 and write down the ones i like and the ones i can write over. I love programming on it, although i noticed the resolution on some of the knobs to be kinda meh.

I still have my eye on the Sub 37. I wish they had a module version of it, because i don’t need any more keyboards. I love how it sounds. But still the resonance on the prophet 06, and the elektron stuff is more my thing. My favorite resonance is Roland Juno 106 with chorus on. And the Jupiter 8 in unison. This is the ultimate resonance sound, i just don’t have the money for it, and no digital version even compares. The filter sweep in ghost in the circuit is Jupiter 8 unison. and man does it sound fucking amazing.

So its laptops with a elektron 4 voice, and pulse 2 for the future i think. The pulse is ok, but its not really my cup of tea either. I need to program it and see what i can come up with. Need an editor for it. I want to bring more hardware and lights to the shows. I will.

Roland jdxi is good, but i dont like that that analog sounds more moog, so in the end i ended up selling it, i prefer the sound of the jp8000 honestly. The jdxa is just a bigger version of the jdxi. So far the prophet 06 is the only poly i like out of all the new stuff, not really a fan of the prophet 08 and 12.

So as it stands. I cannot sell the prophet 06, and i am playing shows to pay it off. Everything else might end up going on the scrap heap. Even the pulse 2. So it might be prophet 06 and elecktron analog 4 for me for the year of 2016.

**************FOR SALE**************
Selling my Electribe, JD-xi, Korg Volca Bass, Korg Microx with flaws, and a DMX Operator. Click Here to see gear I have for sale

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The Gothic Cruise 2015 VAC + Angels in Agony, Ego Likeness, Stoneburner.

October 7th, 2015 by Hexfix93


Wow, one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I met so many very cool people. I am so lucky to have been able to have a full band on stage. The Ego Likeness crew have been so great for us and allowed us to put on some of our best shows. I am sad to say this will be the last one with this crew for a while. I love working with my friends on the east coast. I don’t know when I will be able to play with Ego Likeness again. :(



I had so much fun hanging out with Angels in Agony as well. Great music, and loads of fun to sit around and joke with. I liked them so much I might try and do a mini tour with them and Valhal around the WGT festival. like a small 5 show tour in may. I will be working on that. I wish more people would of made it out for the goth cruise, it was an amazing event and i feel like people really missed out on it. I know people are poor though.

It was a blast just hanging around on a ship, looking at the endless ocean. Being around so many friends, and all these neat cool new people. Nathan Raper is an Amazing DJ and tons of fun to talk with. Steven Archer just blows my mind any time we talk about anything, so insightful and intelligent. Donna always gels everything together and has one of the most amazing voices ever. Rick is a fun guy to drink with and talk and talk talk talk. Who would of thought I would be doing “mainus” jokes on a ship in the middle of the ocean with a strange Dutch Future Pop act?

The Island Excursions were a blast, i only did one though, still drinking with Rick on top of a building on an island tourist trap was priceless. Talking about Rush songs and playing guitars. Why do I use him on my newer songs instead of playing it myself, cause i dig Mindless Faith Guitars.


Krztov has done an amazing job for VAC this last year as well. He was able to enjoy this with his wife. They both really needed a VACation big time. Krztov is my gaming best friend in this world. We have both gone through some seriously hard times together. I think we have an unbreakable bond. I had a blast hanging out with him on the boat playing air hockey. Bowling everywhere we go. I am blessed to have all these amazing people in my life. This year has been the year of friendships.


I also got to pick the brain of Gabriel Shaw (Gabe Grohl), wow so much insight, this man has toured with so many damn bands and seen it all. My brain has gained a few pounds picking his. This guy is amazing.

I also met these amazing Supermodel Actors (Kim and Misty Ormiston) who dress up hardcore and come to the goth cruise events. They liked our show and were super nice to us. WOW. They bought a VAC shirt, and some cds as well. They are also in the new Hunger games movie that is about to come out. GO SEE IT. I hope they get more big roles!! I really love their make up, going to ask them for some tips cause man I suck at make up.



Black and White photos by Rockin Ray Photography …

NEXT SHOW? :::::


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VAC Update

September 21st, 2015 by Hexfix93

Finished Snog remix, its a pretty aggro mix of Clockwork Man. LOVE IT, wish i had more time on it. Finished mixing the last track for the Siren Project. Beheaded, killer track, very dead can dance. So happy Siren Project will have a cd out and be on band camp before the Denver show.

Working on the set list for the goth Cruise. Velvet Pill for the first time ever for Nathan. Hoping some shirts sell, and Denver and Austin do well so I do not have to sell my prophet 6, jdxi, pulse 2. I got lights for the Denver show, and only 5 instead of 15, because i want to bring these to our shows via air plane. I really hate the air quality in DENVER now, all the forest fired out west are driving my sinuses and throat mad. I am flying out to New Orleans a tad early to try and repair this. Fucking my birthday i will be away from my family yet again.

I have an Instagram account now Click here to see it.

I will be posting more pics there than any where else..

I have cleaned up the web site a bit, will be adding more discography content when i get back home from the cruise…

Again, i cannot believe that the Dead Milkmen even know who the fuck we are. This blows my mind every time, and remember, Rodney is on my Remix CD Direland on 2 songs. So check out BTO cover Rick Furr is on this too, and the reamake of LUST.

Click here to listen to BTO

Click here to listen to Lust

Direland our new remix cd is out!!!!!!!!!! Rare unreleased tracks and remixes.. Rodney Anonymous from the Dead Milkmen is a guest vocalist on this release..

Click Here to buy digital.
Click here to buy CD


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Velvet Acid Christ news: sept 5 2015

September 5th, 2015 by Hexfix93

Subconscious Landscapes was a collection of unfinished tracks from the maldire sessions. I feel like with all the touring I am doing, i cannot focus on a full length LP at one time. Doing Singles is way better to manage with the time I have not inbetween tours. I feel like Subconscious Landscapes kinda suffered because of this. I go through the rounds and try to do many influences over time. Still, I always tend to like doing hardcore dance and pissed off music. I feel like the new material I will work on will be Dance, and pissed. I feel so angry about a lot of things in the world right now. I think this is the direction I will go. I really want to work with Rick Furr, and The Ego Likeness gang on a couple of tracks. I also want to work with Rodney Anonymous of Dead Milkmen on the track. Also I must get some guest vocals from David Thrussell on a song or two, for sure. The next VAC will be many collaborations i think. I also want to get some stuff from Scott of Ivandersphere. Playing festivals has opened a lot of doors. I might get some guest vocals from Daniel Myer, Claus of Leather Strip, and Eskil of Covenant if i beg enough. I feel like this is the year I do my kmfdm thing, where i work with a lot of artists to try and make something great and stir the pot a bit. I think i will release a collection of singles with all these collaborations. Then after i do 3 or 4 singles, I will put out a full record on cd.

I plan on doing shows with many people in the future, and i would love to have one track to perform with them live. I have done a Remix for Aesthetic Perfection (never enough) I love his new old lp. Working on a Snog Remix for his Vinyl LP release. We finished a Decoded Feedback remix.

Wave Gothic Treffin is in the works, and looks like it will happen. I think for sure i must bring krztov my keyboardist who knows how to play all the songs on keys. We will have Guest Vocals from Mari of ValHall and martin will play keys. We are still looking for a drummer and guitarist for this gig as well. Maybe I can get Chris Kutz to go to WGT. who knows.

*Update*: If you are wondering why Krztov performs vocals on 2 vac songs live? Because Caught and Lysergia are not songs i sang in the studio. I just wrote the music to those, they both had guest vocals and i never feel comfortable singing them. Also we did a track for the goth cruise where he sings as well, Velvet Acid Christ covers “WATER” by Ohgr. It was the only cool song i could thing of with water in it for the cruise… LOL Rick furr plays guitars on the track, and too bad, only people who go on the goth cruise get it… :)

Plotting Mini Tour in October in Europe, Playing Myer Fest i hope, and a few European dates.

The Goth Cruise is coming up, and we have our best live show act for it. I just hope it goes well. I am very excited to be on a ship with Ego Likeness. Going to be epic.. Also the Denver show is right after that, and we have to do something special for it. Getting mega dressed up. More props and things… Its my home town, so we will have programmed lights as well. Will start working on that soon.

Canadians don’t seem to buy t shirts(i think they are in a recession). Kinda put me in a hole money wise, scrambling to pay some debts. I live from show to show these days, if i have a bad show, i have to sell a bunch of gear. it kinda sucks. I know that i can always count on Americans and Europeans to buy our merch in droves. I thank all of you for this, it is how we afford to improve our music, and live shows.

We are working on the web site as well, making it easier to navigate, adding new things and old things back into the mix, and soon an online store. We will be selling merch online very soon. I have to print up a bunch of merch first, so i need to make some money from the shows to front this venture..


**UPDATE** I plan on bringing back edt media blog big time, with new roles that will make many people very happy, i might find people to help me with it, re name it, and make it a very important thing.. This is all being worked out now…

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Mindcage Rick Has a Lenny Kravitz Moment

September 3rd, 2015 by Hexfix93

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VAC on Aftermath

August 31st, 2015 by Hexfix93


I love Toronto. What a great city. One of my favorites in Canada. This show was very amazing, and more varied than most festivals. I think more festivals should be like this, not Industrial or Goth or Future POP, But ALTERNATIVE. Yes, I like when there are many styles of music to listen to, its how I am, i tend to like the cream of the crop of lots of Genres. I prefer referring to my wide musical taste as Alternative. Seriously. I want to thank Troy, Richard, Lisa, Kim, Ethan, Megan and everyone who made this possible. I got to reunite with Daniel and DeJon of Haujobb, we are talking about me playing Myer Fest in October and maybe a Haujobb VAC mini euro tour after. This is great news. I might be remixing 3teeth as well, would love to work with Mr Kitty, Would love to do a mix for the Dreaming. I got to meet the dreaming as well, they were very amazing people. I give them best in show at this festival. They BLEW ME AWAY. I loved the diversity of the bands the most, Go fight was fun as well.he guitarist from that band showed me how to curse with the Michael McDonald voice, and how that is the only way he would let his kids say curse words. Pure gold. I hope they continue this festival, i will come back in a couple of years with a much better hair cut. LOL..

*UPDATED*I also got a mini tour of part of the city from Marcho of Decoded Feedback, he took us to moog music store where i drooled all over the modular gear they had, plus saw the most synths in a shop at once ever, Hope we can play some gigs together in the future. We also hung out with Carlos and Torque Order from Austin TX. All such amazing nice sweet people. Yone is so awesome as well. Xris Smack too. So cool to sit and talk with them all. Juli Bozak was very nice to me as well. So many nice people up there. Kassi Cork tried to get me to take a silly picture, but i was like, all my pictures look silly and ran away.

The Shows:

The Dreaming: FUCKING AMAZING. Stabbing Westward with a new name. All live, everyone playing. Loud, powerful and everyone nailed it. they covered a garbage song as well.

Leather Strip: I saw them at WGT 2016, but this time it was old school, and man did it take me back, and man he gets great vox live. he gave me some tips WOW, thank you Clause.

3 Teeth: Holy shit, this is the new breed of what manson, nin, and ministry were. I like them more than any of the new comers in this industrial metal thing. FUCKING POWERFUL!!!!!!

Mr: Kitty: Reminded me of Petshop boys meets Crystal Castles.

Ego Likeness: Amazing as always. I loved it so much this time, seeing them on a bigger stage withe the big lights and video.

Bruderschaft: When I heard the female vocals, i was blown away. Then Daniel Myer came out and Nailed a sisters of mercy cover and it blew my fucking head off.

Ludovico: This band puts on the most amazing theatrical live show, rivals even skinny puppy. Very cool.

Squid Lid: Very weird. In a very new and refreshing way. Very good theatrics, make up, lights.

Haujobb: So amazing still, This was a reunion of sorts for us. We toured with them ages ago. they still have it. Passion. So much, live its very powerful.

Alter Der Ruin: This guy has soul. Sings his heart out. Very unique sound as well. Any band that makes a song about a mustache ride is king

Velvet Acid Christ: Steven and Rick make our show so much better. Donna even more so. Krztov Finally put some real make up on and wee he looked great. I wish i could afford them on every show. Steven and Donna have had the most profound effect on me in many ways. Steven’s mind is simply amazing and he has such amazing advice for me on many things that i will actually do.

This is the line up for the goth cruise as well so go book your goth cruise tickets now. right now..

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News: 8-14-2015

August 14th, 2015 by Hexfix93


We play tomorrow in Phoenix with the siren project Click Here

We did a top 10 horror films list Click Here

I am shaking stuff up, I bought some lights, a light show we be apart of the VAC show starting in Denver, and maybe Aftermath if i can get it done fast. We have limited light show in phx plus video i hope. I recently bought a Prophet 06, Roland Jdxi, Waldorf Pulse 2, and fear before i can get to a review of any of them, i might have to sell them to pay for the lights. Sucks not having money. Alex of Siren project will build me a portable light case i can put on the airlines. Oh the money hole, jsut to look good on stage and have programmed fx lights, it does make a huge difference. I plan on making this a part of the VAC show permanently and will only book in venues that allow fog, and lighting. after phz, all the lights will be sync’d to the music kinda how it was out east and in the south of our 2013 tours, i am figuring out how to bring lights and video on our flights, its a tricky thing… Cant go over weight.

I am working on a snog remix, VAC greatest hits on double vinyl, and a new Single with and maybe with snog and dead milkmen guest vocals… I am so busy my head is spinning…

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