New Velvet Acid Christ Song: Black Rainbows.

September 13th, 2009 by Hexfix93

New VAC, from the septic compilation.

This song is on the up coming “The Art of Breaking Apart” LP that is coming out on OCT 27 2009. You can pre order by Clicking Here.


Do not worry, this is only how 1 half of the lp sounds, The other half sounds like TTG meets Fun With Knives!!! So we have this kind of music mixed with club music on the LP.

I love black rainbows, sure it’s kind of dark pop, but it’s catchy, and shows a new side of me. Hope you think so as well.

UPDATE: I’m so happy with the internet response to this song now.

I put so much heart and soul into it, the main hook, i wrote when i was a kid and never used it, and i finally made a song out of it.

I finally showed that I am a musician who can play instruments like my idols did.

I really love this song personally, I can listen to it over and over. I feel that way about most of the songs on the new lp. I have been listening to it non stop since I completed it, like every day since when i run errands, and I am not sick of it, or finding faults with it like i have my last couple of releases.

I really feel confident about this! I hope this gets big, I think it’s a great song that can appeal to a lot of people. It has heart and soul and is very sincere.

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  1. [aaroN] Says:

    cool, i’ve been wanting a solo version of the song to put on my Myspace. so that way people don’t have to listen through half the Septic cd to find the song.

  2. Image Says:

    This song is amazing.

  3. Tyler Says:

    It is a new side man, But it is as great as its always been

  4. Charles Says:

    This is amazing, Bryan! I really wasn’t expecting VAC to ever sound like this. It’s like the Byrds thrown on top of electro. So jangly!

  5. Porkspam Says:

    you’re really setting yourself up for a cd that’s going to be hard to top.

  6. thedarkpoptoys Says:

    quite spectacular

  7. Hex Says:

    Awesome track I love it to death. Acoustic guitar sounds great and I love the singing! VAC never fails to deliver :)

  8. Decasia Says:

    I can’t wait for the album now. Fuck… I can really relate to this song… alot… pretty much all that is being said. I didn’t even catch the similarity either… until now… “Black Rainbows”.

    I can’t wait to have this on my ipod… go for a run. This is what this song makes me want to do. It’s what I feel like doing most of the time any way.

  9. magenticka Says:

    This is amazing. It’s so good to hear the song in it’s entirety. I really love the outro, the piano is such a nice touch. This song really hits the mark, pulls on the heart strings. I cannot wait to get hold of the album now.

  10. Sumez Says:

    I really like this. Normally I never liked the quiet accoustic-like VAC songs, but this is really well made, and the vocals are excellent, even though the inspiration from The Cure is quite obvious.

  11. Wraxe Says:

    Hey ! Love the song ! I bought the entire compil on amazon MP3 and it was really worth it !

    I hope you’ll put your album on amazon MP3 because I won’t be able to wait until the album is in my mailbox.

    Cheers from France, keep the good work !

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  13. RAW|BhL Says:


  14. menschenfeind Says:

    awesome song :-)

  15. APX.808 Says:

    This song its fucking awesome!
    Your voice sounds fantastic, it haves a lot of emotion

  16. Sick Disease Says:

    I really enjoyed that song :)

    To me it sounds heavy inspired by Death in June´s typical 80´s stuff (you know, stuff like Break the Black Ice or To drown a Rose). The drum-loops and the guitar. Great work, Bryan!

  17. cyronix Says:

    as already said by tyler, it’s new, but it’s quality! I’m excited for the new lp, though I hope there will be some harder songs on the lp as well ;-), but don’t understand me wrong, I really like this song! I like the synths that are added at the end

  18. violent Says:

    I had isolated the track from the techno mix, so I’ve been listening to it for a while now. I didn’t like that the entire song was guitar at first, but after hearing it many times, it doesn’t stand out as strongly and awkwardly as it had on the first few listens.

    I like the song. It’s atmospheric and I can pull alot of visuals out of it. I wish the song took more directions, but I get the minimal pop style, and it works.

  19. impl0dr Says:

    thanks so much for posting this song on your site. i love it sooooo much! i am very impressed. damn, i can’t wait for this album.

    normally, when i hear a song before the album’s release date, i lose interest in the song once the album is out. i really don’t believe that this will happen with this song. definitely one of my favorite songs! it is beautiful.

  20. bambi zombie Says:

    i don’t like this song… i actually love it. ;)

    great work!

  21. KdE:Rookie Says:

    Great Voice,Bryan.

    Wait for the 27.10.2009 !!!

  22. paris_hilton Says:

    I came buckets!

  23. Vince Says:

    Black Rainbows is amazing. Got my copy of Septic VIII mainly cause of this song. I said it once and I will say it again. Your more mello stuff is f’n amazing.

  24. HeavySausage Says:

    Sounds awesome Bryan. I wish we could have babies, but I can’t get pregnant from anal sex.


  25. ViddyDrone Says:

    Oh man, this is good! It’s catchy and depressing, the vocals have so much emotion! Excellent job, I really dig the way that they came out, holding notes longer, greater range. I hear the similarities to the Cure, but it’s certainly your own style! This song really feels like it belongs in another decade. This showcases what has always kept me coming back more and more VAC: emotional integrity. VAC has something (often shitty) going on, and here’s the auditory version of that emotion.
    I relate to this!

    Can’t wait for the rest of the album and to see how the style on the other half of the album has progressed!

    P.S. it really is satisfying to finally find a home for a song part (riff, beat, etc.) especially if it’s been lurking around for awhile. I appreciate that feeling!

  26. Dionysos Says:

    Good Song. I mostly like the TTG Style, but looking forward to listen to the new LP !
    VAC rulez – always !

  27. Karl Says:

    Would love you back in Germany. We berliners miss you. I hear your stuff on a weekly basis in k17, so you should accept the WGT invitation.
    Sounds good, reminds me of the Smiths.

  28. RAW¦BhL Says:

    I’m the same, i’ve been listening to it over and over everyday! As my previous comment stated, it is a beautiful song! I would love to hear more of this sound from you. I’m really looking forward to this album, not only because it’s you’re next album but i think you’re also going to make a big impact with it if Black Rainbows is anything to go by. The calibre of sound and soul in that track is truly awesome!!!

  29. Monsieur Max Says:

    Listened to it for the first time this morning… I just loved it, it’s so different and so identical at the same time. You manage to change and to keep your own sound.

    Will buy it online as soon as it’s available.

  30. .lee Says:

    I’ve been a fan for over 10 years, and I own every CD release (domestic and import) since Church of Acid along with Fate and Pestilence. I must say that this is most definitely one of your top 3, if not best song to date. I just pre-ordered the album from Metropolis. I’ll admit that I have grown out of most all EBM and Industrial music, but I am very much looking forward to listening to this album. I hope the lyrics are in the booklet.

  31. .lee Says:

    Also, The Cure is by far my favorite band. Love the obvious influence. =)

  32. .lee Says:

    Also, The Cure is by far my favorite band. Love the obvious influence with the acoustic guitar and piano. =)

  33. Jabos Says:

    Loving the new sound. This is great music to drown yourself into. I love the guitar.

  34. scarlets. Says:

    That song is really awesome! I hope you’ll be attending the WGT 2010! Last time I’ve seen you was in Belgium 2000. That’s too long ago ;__;

  35. Misanthrope Says:

    Beautiful song, and clearly influenced by The Cure. I absolutely love it and cannot stop listening to it. It definitely shows a new dimension to you and is beauty itself.

  36. Stacey Says:

    the first time i heard this i fell in love with it and cannot stop listening to it.

    it’s perfect.

    i’ve fallen in love with everything you’ve created and have not ever disappointed me. keep it up.

  37. katastrophy Says:

    This song is amazing!!! Its perfect, it really shows what a talented musician you really are!!

  38. Nothing Says:

    I heard Black Rainbows at my local haunt last night, and at first I seriously thought it was Death in June’s “Fall Apart” — one of my favorite apocalyptic folk songs of all time. Then I thought, “Death in June at an EBM club?”

    This is a beautiful track and I love it. Definitely has a strong post-punk feel to it, and more so, it sounds like original post-punk. As much as I enjoy the older, harder elektro industrial VAC, this is completely unexpected and refreshing. I’ll be buying the album now.

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