Mindcage Rick Has a Lenny Kravitz Moment

September 3rd, 2015 by Hexfix93

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VAC on Aftermath

August 31st, 2015 by Hexfix93


I love Toronto. What a great city. One of my favorites in Canada. This show was very amazing, and more varied than most festivals. I think more festivals should be like this, not Industrial or Goth or Future POP, But ALTERNATIVE. Yes, I like when there are many styles of music to listen to, its how I am, i tend to like the cream of the crop of lots of Genres. I prefer referring to my wide musical taste as Alternative. Seriously. I want to thank Troy, Richard, Lisa, Kim, Ethan, Megan and everyone who made this possible. I got to reunite with Daniel and DeJon of Haujobb, we are talking about me playing Myer Fest in October and maybe a Haujobb VAC mini euro tour after. This is great news. I might be remixing 3teeth as well, would love to work with Mr Kitty, Would love to do a mix for the Dreaming. I got to meet the dreaming as well, they were very amazing people. I give them best in show at this festival. They BLEW ME AWAY. I loved the diversity of the bands the most, Go fight was fun as well.he guitarist from that band showed me how to curse with the Michael McDonald voice, and how that is the only way he would let his kids say curse words. Pure gold. I hope they continue this festival, i will come back in a couple of years with a much better hair cut. LOL..

*UPDATED*I also got a mini tour of part of the city from Marcho of Decoded Feedback, he took us to moog music store where i drooled all over the modular gear they had, plus saw the most synths in a shop at once ever, Hope we can play some gigs together in the future. We also hung out with Carlos and Torque Order from Austin TX. All such amazing nice sweet people. Yone is so awesome as well. Xris Smack too. So cool to sit and talk with them all. Juli Bozak was very nice to me as well. So many nice people up there. Kassi Cork tried to get me to take a silly picture, but i was like, all my pictures look silly and ran away.

The Shows:

The Dreaming: FUCKING AMAZING. Stabbing Westward with a new name. All live, everyone playing. Loud, powerful and everyone nailed it. they covered a garbage song as well.

Leather Strip: I saw them at WGT 2016, but this time it was old school, and man did it take me back, and man he gets great vox live. he gave me some tips WOW, thank you Clause.

3 Teeth: Holy shit, this is the new breed of what manson, nin, and ministry were. I like them more than any of the new comers in this industrial metal thing. FUCKING POWERFUL!!!!!!

Mr: Kitty: Reminded me of Petshop boys meets Crystal Castles.

Ego Likeness: Amazing as always. I loved it so much this time, seeing them on a bigger stage withe the big lights and video.

Bruderschaft: When I heard the female vocals, i was blown away. Then Daniel Myer came out and Nailed a sisters of mercy cover and it blew my fucking head off.

Ludovico: This band puts on the most amazing theatrical live show, rivals even skinny puppy. Very cool.

Squid Lid: Very weird. In a very new and refreshing way. Very good theatrics, make up, lights.

Haujobb: So amazing still, This was a reunion of sorts for us. We toured with them ages ago. they still have it. Passion. So much, live its very powerful.

Alter Der Ruin: This guy has soul. Sings his heart out. Very unique sound as well. Any band that makes a song about a mustache ride is king

Velvet Acid Christ: Steven and Rick make our show so much better. Donna even more so. Krztov Finally put some real make up on and wee he looked great. I wish i could afford them on every show. Steven and Donna have had the most profound effect on me in many ways. Steven’s mind is simply amazing and he has such amazing advice for me on many things that i will actually do.

This is the line up for the goth cruise as well so go book your goth cruise tickets now. right now..


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News: 8-14-2015

August 14th, 2015 by Hexfix93


We play tomorrow in Phoenix with the siren project Click Here

We did a top 10 horror films list Click Here

I am shaking stuff up, I bought some lights, a light show we be apart of the VAC show starting in Denver, and maybe Aftermath if i can get it done fast. We have limited light show in phx plus video i hope. I recently bought a Prophet 06, Roland Jdxi, Waldorf Pulse 2, and fear before i can get to a review of any of them, i might have to sell them to pay for the lights. Sucks not having money. Alex of Siren project will build me a portable light case i can put on the airlines. Oh the money hole, jsut to look good on stage and have programmed fx lights, it does make a huge difference. I plan on making this a part of the VAC show permanently and will only book in venues that allow fog, and lighting. after phz, all the lights will be sync’d to the music kinda how it was out east and in the south of our 2013 tours, i am figuring out how to bring lights and video on our flights, its a tricky thing… Cant go over weight.

I am working on a snog remix, VAC greatest hits on double vinyl, and a new Single with and maybe with snog and dead milkmen guest vocals… I am so busy my head is spinning…

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The Siren Project: Denouement finally finished.

August 3rd, 2015 by Hexfix93


Their LP has been mixed by me, and mastered by Todd Loomis. Finally done. We are shopping it around to some labels now, if no one bites, we will probably self release it. I worked on a couple of the songs too, like some drum work in I Believe, and recorded vox on DOM. Mixed in the box with Cubase 8 and NLS plugins, lots of waves stuff… Mixing took place from nov 2014 to july 2015. I learned many things mixing real instruments. This band has amazing vocals, very good drums, guitars, and synth work.. So impressed. Very proud of this work.. Hope people like it, you shall hear it soon.

I’ll update you if anything new happens..

Check out their band page, Click Here

PS: This band will be doing guest female vocals at our Arizona, Denver, Austin, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Columbus shows in the USA.

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Vodka Bukkake

July 31st, 2015 by Hexfix93

In a land far far away up in the great white north… errrr Calgary.

After our vac show something happened in a hotel. Something weird and sinister. It would not of been that weird if it was anyone else. But we ventured to a hotel room not knowing what would be thrown upon us. Low and behold the pit master Scott Ivardensphere’s room, vodka bottle in hand. Feeding all the industrial chicks like a mother bird. It was one of the weirdest things I have ever seen. This guy is mean looking. You cannot say no to him. FEAR FEAR.

At one point the no ahh shhhhush speech happened, the keep it down. Voices carry.

And then the assault on the VAC keyboardist happened.

Clearly you can see the violent reaction to the Vodka Bukkake. Pure humiliation.

The damage was done, at one point i left the party and witnessed someone running from the room, could not stomach the vodka bukkake. She lost her lunch.

Here you can see troy celebrating the vodka bukkake with a nice middle finger salute.

The moral of the story, do not trust mean scary looking people pouring vodka on your face.. Next time we play a show with Ivadensphere, there must be 3 people with vodka bottles to make it a real vodka bukkake. What kind of twisted world are we in.

Even now, some weird swedes (V>lh>ll)are manufacturing shirts because of this event!! From now on at every after party VODKA BUKKAKE!

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Terminus: Through the eyes of vac..

July 30th, 2015 by Hexfix93


Terminus was a well oiled machine. Surprised me so much to see something so organized so well. The Venue was good, medium sized with very good sound.

I will talk about the bands that stood out the most to me.

iVardensphere: Holy shit. Stole the show. Lots of living drumming. Huge fat analog sounds. The most wicked sub bass next to Meat Beat Manifesto. There was only 1 or two songs with vocals. Still, wow. This blew me away the way Juno Reactor did back in the day, the way Meat Beat Sounds live… Its up there. It sucks because we had to follow that. I tip my hat to you Scott.

Dive: My first show ever was with Sonar, Blacklung, Suicide Commando, and Pirre Point. So This was like a weird time lapse. Hanging out with Dirk listening to Ivardensphere was like a OMFG moment in my life. Dirk is one of the classiest people I have met on my travels all over the world. During sound check it blew my mind, then when he took the stage it blew my mind. He played Klinik songs, Body Control songs. It was amazing.

V?LH?LL: Very Unique vocals. Evil and dark to, pretty and angelic. This was the most witch house sounding band on the bill. I loved the video work they used. I loved the folk and musicality of it. This was my favorite music of the festival.

Iris: This guy’s voice is amazing. I am not a big synth pop guy, but wow. This blew me away. Sounded Incredible, Emotive. I want to do shows with this band now. He is an amazing human as well, I got to pick his brain for a while at the hotel diner.

Grendel: High energy. Big Rock sound. They rocked. JD is a super cool guy. Mel is amazing as well. I hope to play along side Grendel in the future. I cannot wait to see Mel’s amazing horses…

Aesthetic Perfection: Holy shit, Daniel graves can put on a show. The way he moves, sings. I heard a lot of club hits, and i loved that it sounded very club oriented. I will buy a Necessary Response music if i can. Very cool.

The Seeming: Pure emotion. Man this stuff was heavy. I loved it. Made me feel something. Not many things do these days. You should really check this band out..

Perturbator: Holy shit, it was a dj like show, but man, this music is amazing. Hardcore video game aggro electronic music.. It kinda blew me away big time..

Glass Apple Bonzai: Wow, it was like listening to the end credits of 80s Bmovies.. They had a Sax and everything. Both guys were playing a lot of keys, drums etc… Very fun band.

Ayria: I finally got to see her live. She really puts on a good show, and she is one of the nicest people I have ever met.


Ok before you get angry, i did not see every band on the bill, i had to get ready and eat a few times. so don’t get mad if you are not here.

Because I honestly liked just about everything I heard at this festival, it renewed my faith in the underground. I connected with so many people. I feel like I am part of something again, a movement of lots of new faces and new bands.. before I felt really isolated in many ways, even when i played WGT a few years back, i did not really connect with people much there. That will change, I am much more out going in my old age. I used to be pretty shy, or way to high on drugs to deal with anyone. Sober now… lol. High Functioning Flesh is amazing too, as was Apollyon’s Visage. Decree was so loud and high energy as well. If you did not go to this festival and could of, you really missed something special i think…

I love Chris and Ambor. They are the most amazing show event people I have ever met. I want to support their events in the future any way that I can. I loved everything about the festival, how we were treated, the hotels, everything. So happy..

The fans were amazing as well. People showed us so much respect and praise. VAC is nothing without you. I loved talking to fans in Canada..

Next stop, Arizona, then Aftermath, Then Goth Cruise….. What an interesting year.

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